Heroic rescue of six week-old puppy burned and maimed in Mexico

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A six-week-old puppy suffered unimaginable pain and suffering and was left abandoned on the streets of Mexico. An unknown person or persons burned the small puppy and cut his ears almost completely off with scissors.

The puppy, now named Kringle was picked up and taken to a vet in Mexico. There it was discovered that Kringle had fly larvae in his ears, an indicator that the abuse had not occurred recently. Sadly, Kringle was so dehydrated the vet could not even find a vein to start an IV.  Instead, he received warm fluids via a catheter. Kringle’s condition was extremely critical. In addition to the burnt skin and missing ears, he was suffering from severe septicemia (blood poisoning) and was extremely weak.

This little boy needed a miracle to survive. But Kringle was a fighter, and he fought to survive that first night at the vet’s office.  The majority of what remained of his ears had to be amputated to stop the infection from spreading. He was treated with antibiotics and pain meds.

Kringle received excellent care at the vet in Mexico. They did everything to keep him comfortable. He was kept on a thermal mattress to help regulate his body temperature. His burns were treated with ointment, and his bandages were changed throughout the day. Although he was still in critical condition, he was given the okay to travel to the U.S.  to the Saving Huey Foundation where they would continue his care.

The Saving Huey Foundation is a small 501c3, non-profit organization located in Southern California. The organization was founded by Tracy Lystra and her family.  The main function of the rescue is to provide medical care and rehabilitation for animals like Kringle, victims of extreme abuse are and/or neglect or who are disabled.

Tracy Lystra picked up Kringle at the U.S/Mexican border and took him directly to California Vet Specialists. When she first laid eyes on Kringle her heart broke for him. He looked worse in person than in his pictures. This poor puppy had suffered more pain in his six weeks on earth than any creature should ever have to endure.

His little body smelled of burns, blood, and infection and where his ears should have been, there were two open holes.  He cried all the way to the vet’s office. Kringle spent his first night at California Vet Specialists and was given a much-needed blood transfusion. Unfortunately, his veins had all collapsed, so the staff decided to proceed with an Intraosseous (IO) infusion. This is a rare procedure and involves placing a needle directly into the bone for the blood transfusion.

Kringle did well during this procedure and was kept under sedation.  A few days later, Kringle went into cardiac and respiratory arrest but was thankfully able to be revived by the vet within minutes.

One of Kringle’s biggest challenges is his skin. He suffered third and fourth degree burns over 45% of his little body. It was so bad; his skin was sloughing off at the touch. The cure for this is undergoing multiple debridement procedures where the damaged/dead skin is removed so new transplants can be placed where the new skin needs to grow.

Since Kringle has little skin on his body that was not damaged the vets plan to use fish skin where needed. The skin transplant was done on January 21, 2021.  It went well and Tracy received the joyful news on January 28, 2021 that Kringle could finally come home. He would need ointment in his eyes every sic hours and would need to return to the vet every three days to have his bandages changed and his progress checked.

According to Tracy, when Kringle first arrived, she did not want to put him down. She was so happy he was home with her. The first night home, he slept with Tracy and her husband. Kringle insisted on laying either on Tracy or her husband.  This way he felt loved and comforted. He slept peacefully and when he woke up, he greeted everyone with kisses.

Kringle, the miracle pup is on the mend. He still has a long way to go but he is a little fighter. The story of Kringle is not only a story of man’s cruelty to his fellow creatures. The person who burned this innocent puppy has yet to be found or prosecuted.

It is the story of strength and resilience of the body and the spirit, of everyday people coming together for the sake of one little dog and bringing him back to life. It is the story of an army of animal lovers coming together and donating every dollar they had, even during the Christmas season, to help pay for Kringle’s medical care.

But most of all, it is the story of one little dog who endured so much in his first six-weeks of life, yet fought to live and was still able to love and be loved. Kringle is an inspiration to all who have met him or read his story. He has touched the hearts of people all over the world.

Kringle will still need follow up care. If you would like to be part of Kringle’s miracle recovery, there are many ways to do so:

  • PayPal – savinghuey@gmail.com
  • Online – savinghuey.org.
  • Venmo – @savinghueyfoundation
  • Zelle – savinghuey@gmail.com
  • Cash App – $SavingHueyFoundation
  • Mail – Saving Huey Foundation, 40565 Lake Riverside Dr. Aguanga, CA 92536

Please indicate for Kringle on your donations.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead

You can follow Kringle’s progress on the Saving Huey Facebook page.

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