Hero dog who saved teen from rattlesnake has almost recovered

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A brave dog who saved his owner from a deadly rattlesnake has almost recovered after being bitten twice in the face. The yellow Labrador retriever, named Marley, put himself between the snake and his owner, Alex, when the reptile struck his face. In a fundraiser, Alex describes the terrifying encounter, writing:

Marley and I were inside the house watching television when the dryer buzzer went off that the clothing was done. I was opening the front door and Marley was right behind me when all of a sudden I heard a rattle to the left of me. Marley’s instant reaction was to get between the rattle snake and I. At this point the rattle snake was furious and Marley tried the grab the rattle snake when it struck at me receiving Two lethal venom bites one on his tongue and the other his neck.

Alex rushed his dog to a veterinarian for emergency care, but the venom was acting quickly and Marley began to struggle. Alex said:

Marley’s face started to swell up and he began to start having breathing complications. Blood also began to start pouring from his mouth.

Marley received antivenom and was hospitalized for round-the-clock care. There were fears that he might lose his tongue, and his survival was not guaranteed.


But Marley did survive and today, he is almost back to himself. Thanks to generous donors, Marley received the intensive veterinary care that he needed and he is now living a mostly normal life. His owner tells 10 News that Marley still faces some struggles:

I can definitely tell he’s had a lot more trouble walking and running.

But he is grateful for the people who helped Marley get the care that he needed to survive.

Definitely would not have been able to afford the medical expenses – Just want to say thank you.”

With the most gratitude saved for Marley’s brave actions:

“I’m in awe of what he did and just grateful for what he did for me … Marley is my hero.”

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