Henrico County man arrested for hitting and kicking German shepherd after disturbing treatment caught on video

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In Henrico County, Virginia, a neighbor videoed a disturbing animal cruelty situation involving a German shepherd being hit and kicked multiple times by a man. The dog could be heard yelping which prompted an immediate investigation.

According to Abc8News, Kennon Joyner captured the abusive incident and posted it on social media. One day later, the Henrico Animal Protection Police responded to the reported home at Airy Circle and initiated an investigation. After consultation with the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, police charged Thomas Edward Grant, 59, with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

And this isn’t the first time neighbors have complained about Grant abusing the dog named Ginger. Police confirmed they had been out to the same location on different occasions after complaints about animal mistreatment.

Residents were also concerned about the safety of Grant’s cat. A Facebook page was started entitled, Save Ginger From Abuse detailing videos and the arrival of authorities removing the pets. Both pets are in the care of the Henrico County Police Animal Shelter pending a status hearing and outcome of the criminal charges.

“Some comforting news!!! Spoke to an officer at the police shelter over the concern that there was a hearing yesterday concerning Ginger being dangerous. His response was “Ginger? She is the most sweetest girl” They are accepting donations of food both Dog and Cat food , blankets, towels, but no monetary donations. You can leave donations outside because sometimes it gets busy and the doors are locked. They are open M-S 10-4PM Sunday closed. When asked about visitation was told if your interested in adopting a dog yes but personal visits are not allowed!!”

Save Ginger From Abuse Facebook

Grant is in custody without bond and is due in court on Friday.

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