Helping hands bring ‘near death’ puppy back from the brink – the miracle pup is named Hero

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Less than a week ago, an ailing puppy was brought to the Colonial Heights Animal Shelter in Virginia. The dog, dubbed Hero, was lifeless when he first arrived – in fact, he was described as being near death. On the day of Hero’s arrival, the shelter wrote:

The canine that was brought to us early this morning.We did a live video earlier letting everyone know this dog was brought to us lifeless. “Found” in Petersburg on the 900 block of W. Wythe Street. The canine was brought to us and we rushed it to the vet. It didn’t register a body temperature, oxygen levels were nearly non existent, parvo negative, but emaciated and no body fat. He was brought to Colonial Heights Vet Hospital early this morning.

Thanks to prompt veterinary care, and getting to go home with an animal control officer to recuperate, Hero has turned the corner and has made a miraculous turnaround. Just two days after his arrival, a heartwarming update was posted to shelter Facebook followers:

Good Early afternoon from Hero. We wagged our tail yesterday and played shortly outside with the kids in the foster home♡ Today I am taking it easy and catching up on rest and relaxation in front of the fireplace. My new friends will be keeping everyone up to date. I am not currently available for adoption. I appreciate all the inquiries but I am told I still need to be monitored. We will let everyone know when I become available.

And on Wednesday, even more good news:

HERO takes a trip!

Special pupdate: Hero has gained 6.5lbs since Friday!! He was taken to Colonial Heights Police Department to visit some friends and work on socializing. He is still quite shy. Don’t worry….those puppy dog eyes buy him quite the number of treats and gentle pets. We are lucky to have such a supportive Police Department. We appreciate each and every one of you that stopped to say hello and smooch on our boy! We love you all!

You can follow Hero’s progress at this link to the shelter’s Facebook page.

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