Help Cash find a new home: Kids went to college and their dog of four years was no longer ‘family’

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We have heard the story before; the kids go off to college, and the parents no longer have time for the dog who always loved to snuggle and play with the family. We have heard the story before – the then unwanted dog is taken to the nearby Dallas area shelter, and we have heard the story before – the dog is humanely euthanized because the shelters are too full and need the room for more unwanted and lost dogs.

Cash has his story to tell. Perhaps it’s time we hear it from this sweet dog’s point of view, and perhaps a Christmas miracle to match his Christmas sweater will come soon.

You took me for a ride!

I thought this was a reconcile. I was so excited I got to ride in the big fancy truck that only the family rode in. You let me hang my head out the window and my tail thumped out a beat on the seat while I took in all the smells I could catch in the wind as we cruised down the road.

The last year you barely looked at me. I could sense your resentment, so I did my best to stay out from underfoot and spent most of my time in the spot your would point to when I tried to join in with the family fun.

Cash via Facebook Dallas Dog – RRR

How could any dog understand a human’s thought pattern when once upon a time Cash was loved and now this? What could Cash have done wrong, the dog wondered?

The children were always my safety. I could always go to them for loving and a snuggle, but children grow older, and soon I saw less and less of them until one day they never came home. I slept a lot to pass the time and got excited to let ya know I was ready to go with you, but again I was sent to my spot and told to settle down.

Cash via Facebook Dallas Dog -RRR

And then the heartbreaking realization that Cash’s family abandoned him.

You left me.

I was no longer considered family so I was left with strangers as you drove away in your big fancy truck. Everyday I think may be my last day here and I spend my time in the play yard watching the gate I watched you walk through, I wish you would of turned around to at least leave me with a smile or some encouragement, but all I was left was your back and the lingering smell of what was once my world.

Cash via Facebook Dallas Dog -RRR

Cash still waits.

My name is Cash and I lost my family of four years. I need a Christmas miracle.

Cash via Facebook Dallas Dog -RRR

Photo Cred: @rldphotography_tx.

For more information about Cash and how you can help this dog find his Christmas miracle, please click here. Share this dog’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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