Hearts are broken as paralyzed puppy could no longer fight for her life

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Last Wednesday, the Humane Society of Central Texas in Waco sent out an urgent plea to ThisIsHouston referencing a six-week-old Aussie puppy who arrived at the shelter after being brought in for being lethargic. The puppy’s bloodwork showed anemia – consistent with coccidia [intestinal tract infection], and her chemistry panel showed signs consistent with malnutrition and dehydration.

The puppy, named River, had been experiencing botulism-like symptoms and was placed on intravenous fluids while in her foster home, but needed more intensive care and was transferred to the organization’s partner veterinary care hospital. She remained paralyzed and initially was not able to follow movements or focus, but that condition slowly improved.

River remained in the care of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists where she had been alert. Her x-rays were clear, and her bloodwork had been within normal range; no definitive reason could be found to have been responsible for her condition. Both nerve, muscle biopsies and a spinal tap were subsequently performed and while waiting for test results, River needed to be placed in an oxygen cage.

Sadly, River’s condition had been declining, and although she had been in an oxygen tank, she needed to be on a ventilator, but because of her poor prognosis, she was not a candidate for the procedure.

And then came this heartbreaking update just moments ago:

“We are so sorry we couldn’t save you, River. We wanted to give you the best possible life, but God had other plans. Although we’ll never understand why you had to be taken so early, we know you’re pain free and whole again now. Rest easy, sweet girl.”

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