Heartbroken young dog mourns over deceased owner but NYC shelter scheduled to euth’ him today

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A heartbroken 18-month-old Rottweiler blend, who was extremely attached to his now deceased owner, doesn’t understand why he is being kept in a cage at Manhattan’s New York City Animal Care Center. Sadly, Chase’s owner died, and now the shelter is preparing to take his life today.

According to Dogs Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs, Chase is not doing well in the shelter environment. He has been described as very anxious with a high anxiety level. His surrender notes are as follows:

In the shelter a mere 6 days, youngster PUPPY lost his owner. Quite understandably he grieves now. Quite frightened, he sadly doesn’t allow much handling there, poor dear boy. Supposedly dumped by the relatives of his owner, because he doesn’t like strangers, this gorgeous young fella used to follow his owner around, & loved to play with squeaky toys the most…”

Puppy is “Rescue Only” and will need to be fostered or rescued by an approved rescue organization.


INTAKE DATE: 25-Mar-2021

PUPPY fka CHASE,ID# 113625, 1 yr old, 95 lbs, Male, Manhattan ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Black / Brown,
Owner Surrender Reason: Surrendered to the ACC due to his owner passing away.
Shelter Assessment Rating: NEW HOPE ONLY
No children (under 13)

Chase must find placement by noon on Tuesday 4/6. This dog desperately needs a place to go outside the shelter, with someone who understands his challenges and the support he will need to recover and find success as a loving pet.


Staff Note:
Puppy’s previous owner stated that Puppy lungs, growls, and snaps at strangers. Puppy required sedation for handling and his medical exam as he was growling and snapping at staff when approached. During his stay, Puppy has been observed to lunge at the kennel doors growling, snarling, hard barking and baring teeth. He has not allowed any handling. Due to this behavior, we recommend placement with a New Hope partner who can provide any necessary behavior modification (force-free, positive reinforcement-based) and re-evaluate behavior in a stable home environment before placement into a permanent adult only home.

TO FOSTER OR ADOPT A NYC ACC DOG, PLEASE MESSAGE OUR PAGE or EMAIL US at NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com for assistance. (At this time, due to the global pandemic, the NYC ACC is not allowing direct adoptions in person at their Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn shelters.)

NOTE: You MUST live in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, DE, MD, MA, NH, VT, ME or Northern VA. You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a NYC ACC dog. Transport is available if you live within the prescribed range of states.

Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. An animal shelter is not a “one size fits all” and each dog has his/her particular needs. Help Puppy find a safe and loving home; help him live another day.

TO SAVE PUPPY fka CHASE,ID# 113625, please post on THREAD, PRIVATE MESSAGE Dogs Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs, or EMAIL NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com

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