Heartbreaking update on puppy entangled in debris rescued under mobile home

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No one knows how long an abandoned, tiny puppy hid under a mobile home in Dallas and would not come out because he was stuck and tangled up by his legs. For days rescuers with Dallas Dog Rescue.Rehab.Reform struggled to rescue him; it took 36 hours of crawling under a foot-and-a-half space, crowded with insulation and trash to untangle and free the pup from the fencing underneath.

“He is at the ER the one leg is cold and there is NO CIRCULATION he will likely lose the front left leg. Where it gets tricky is the back left leg is swollen and currently not presenting with feeling. This was just off the initial intake they are doing x-rays and blood,” the organization posted on their Facebook page updating everyone on the seriousness of the little one’s condition – now named Gideon.”

On Monday, rescuers met with five veterinarians to help make a decision as to the quality of life Gideon would be able to expect.

“Today was a tough day for our rescue we know we can NOT save them all we know that more than anyone! However sometimes you have to remove emotions and do what is best even when they have their whole life ahead of them.”

Today Gideon’s pain and suffering was set free.

In a related bittersweet victory however, rescuers were able to save Gideon’s mother and his siblings. They are now safe and will need foster homes.

“Momma is having trouble with full boobies and we think puppies need to stay with her a tiny bit longer to help wean her off nursing to avoid infection.
I have a couple dogs who don’t like newbie big dogs.. sooo I’m in a pickle!
Can anyone help take this sweet family so they don’t have to go to boarding?!?! PLEASSSEE!!
Also momma is incredibly sweet! She let me bathe her no problem, let’s me handle puppies, licks my face, she’s been Non-Reactive even when any of my dogs bark at her. She’s a wonderful pup!!”
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Such a sweet parrot!

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  1. This is so heartbreaking……. Gideon, I am very sorry you couldn’t be saved….. I am very glad that you were loved (even if for way too short a lifetime)…… I know that you are absolutely in Heaven…… please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends……


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