Heartbreaking update on neglected pup who ate rocks trying to survive

In a rural area of Edinburg, Texas, a terribly neglected, stray pup who tried to eat rocks to survive had been struck by a car and brought to the nearest shelter by animal control late last week.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were contacted and quickly made arrangements to transport her to the emergency veterinarian hospital for life-saving treatment. At the time of her rescue, Birdie had been unable to walk. Mats and tangles around her legs and abdomen more than likely added to her difficulty in movement.

Tragically, all the best veterinary help could not save Birdie. She had been too far gone, and the care provided to her was not enough to save her life.

After diagnostic testing was performed, it was determined that Birdie had a perforated rectum and colon, infested with maggots inside and outside her body . The X-ray shows, not rocks as we had suspected , but built up feces that had been sitting in Birdies stomach for at least a week . She was unable to defecate because of the perforation in her colon.”
Once upon a time, Birdie had been someone’s dog, and it is tragic to know this poor victim of neglect was allowed to suffer like this.
All we can say is that Birdie is not in pain anymore and is at peace now. Do we wihs we could have saved her? Yes, we do and we curse her owners for allowing her to suffer like this. If we only had more time…,” the rescue organization posted amid tears and sorrow.
Rest in peace Birdie.
Brief video:
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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am heartbroken for this precious little treasure. Birdie deserved to be someone’s treasured companion and a beloved member of the family……

    Whilst I am very sad she passed away, I am very glad that she was in loving care for her last few days of life. She didn’t die alone, in horrible pain, afraid & (worst of all), unloved on the street……

    Precious little treasure Birdie, I know that you are absolutely in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.

    The disgusting POS who abandoned Birdie has earned himself a spot in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for his cruelty…..

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    May a MILLION maggots find the intestines of the DEMON that did this to Birdie, followed by a MILLION fleas infesting THEIR ENTIRE home.

  3. Jan Barnes says:




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