Heartbreaking update on husky found paralyzed in ditch after men repeatedly shot at her

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In Cleveland, Texas, a woman taking her two young children to school Thursday morning, witnessed two men shooting a young dog in the head. The puppy seemed terrified and tried desperately to escape from her tormentors, but she was helpless against their strength and the gun they used to try and kill her. The woman was too scared for her own safety and the safety of her children to approach the men.

Hoping to find help, the woman posted a photo of the dog lying in a ditch to social media pleading for help. ThisIsHouston stepped up immediately, and rescuers arrived at the scene. The dog, dubbed Caroline, was rushed to Vergi 24/7 Emergency hospital for life saving treatment.

Caroline’s spinal cord had been completely severed. It was hoped the surgical team would be able to stabilize her spine, but after speaking with surgeons and the team, it was collectively decided that Caroline would not have had any quality of life.

“If only she would’ve just been indoors. If only she would’ve been on a different street. If only she would’ve been ten minutes earlier or later. If only her shooters would’ve had an ounce of humanity. Then she would still be here.”


There are many paralyzed dogs who have been rescued and moved on to live full lives, but the odds are against a dog with a severed spinal cord. She would not have been able to defecate on her own, she would not have been able to control her bladder, and Caroline would not be able to learn how to walk at all.

“She would have been prone to UTIs, because she is a larger dog, she would have been needed to carry all her weight with her two front legs. None of what happened to Caroline is fair. But we didn’t feel we could justify having her live that sort of life.”


It is purely heartbreaking that we cannot save them all, but Caroline will rest in peace now. She was already loved by so many, and it is tragic we just can’t fix everything when it comes to our innocent companions.

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  1. Gen says:

    Two dumb stupid morons did this to this beautiful dog. I hope they both get shot in the head in a hunting outing !! They truly deserve it.


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