Heartbreaking: Sargent arrived at Texas shelter as stray struggling to live

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For the last two weeks, a bulldog named Sargent has been at a local Texas animal shelter. His condition, when he arrived was deplorable, but too often dogs brought in as strays have been suffering out in the streets scavenging around garbage cans and alleys just to eat and survive.

Sadly, Sargent’s condition progressively grew worse, and on Saturday he was struggling to breathe and became weaker. He was barely able to stand and because of limited funds, shelters are not able to provide these dogs with the emergency veterinarian care they need. And so Sargent’s life was soon to end; a deadline for rescue was placed for 5:00 p.m. on Friday evening.

Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform were notified and tagged him for rescue. A volunteer arrived and then transported Sargent to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital.

“We learned he has aspiration pneumonia, his has sores all over his back.
His abdomen and testicles have urine burns all over him we assume from not being able to move around.
His testicles are swollen and one is higher than the other one there is some concerns they will monitor. He abdomen is full of gassy fluid they are hopeful that is is just from the pneumonia.
They did X-rays we are waiting on the results of those.
He is at the ER he has been placed in OXYGEN to assist as he was struggling to breathe.”
Hoping that Sargent is getting a second chance; donations are needed to help.
PAYPAL/ZELLE donate@dallasdogrrr.org
last four digits 8768
Mailing address
Dallas DogRRR
1314 W McDermott
Suite 106-741
Allen,TX 75013
Updates to follow.




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