Heartbreaking ending for cat rescued from storm drain

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The rescue agency caring for a cat, rescued from a storm drain in Binghamton, New York, earlier this week, made a heartbreaking announcement via social media on Thursday. Every Dog’s Dream Adoption Center had shared the cat’s rescue story on August 23, writing:

A NYSEG field worker friend reached out to me after seeing an injured cat in a storm drain in the City of Binghamton today. She tried to help but the kitty went back down in and she could not reach her.

After the cat slipped further down, professional rescuers were contacted:

Queue the calls to City of Binghamton Fire and the DPW. The fire department came and removed the drain cover while DPW was also dispatching someone to head over. Huge thank you to both of these orgs.
Here’s where my heroes come in. The fire department dropped a ladder in and down Dan went and he got her!

The cat, dubbed Squishy, had apparently been in the drain for at least two days after being hit – she was unable to get herself out, and people drove and walked by, oblivious to her suffering.

Tragically, days after the jubilant story of Squishy’s rescue came word of her unexpected demise. The animal welfare agency wrote:

Oh Squishy💔 This morning she was not doing well, having trouble breathing and her color was not good. She was rushed to the oxygen holding tank but slipped away from us so fast. We are so sad…

Rest in peace Squishy. Many thanks to those who ensured that she did not die alone in a storm drain.

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