Heartbreaking discovery of emaciated dog abandoned in crate after owners left

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In Utica, New York, cruelty officers at CNY SPCA were notified on Thursday about a dog in trouble. When rescuers arrived, they found a severely emaciated dog left in a crate and apparently forgotten by the owners who lived in the now vacant apartment.

Within just a few hours, the young pup arrived at the CNY SPCA and in the care of the staff who immediately began attending to her needs. She has been named Lagertha, after a fictional Norway Viking warrior meaning a “strong woman.”

” She only weighed 26 pounds and was severely dehydrated as well as emaciated. She’s in foster care with one of our staff receiving fluids and monitored small meals. Thank you to the person who called us and to our officers who answered that call.”

An investigation is underway.

Updates to follow.

To help Lagertha and other victims of abuse and neglect, please click here:

(315) 454-4479

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Such a sweet parrot!

2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Only a VILE thug, ROTTEN to their core could do this. An innocent sentient being taken to their home, locked in a cage for months and months in their own FECES and URINE, then left abandoned to die a LONG, VERY painful death. THAT same monster IS the type we see later being arrested for STARVING/BEATING/RAPING a 6 month old baby to DEATH. To the person/people who KNEW what this demon was doing: YOU ARE WORSE THAN THIS MONSTER and your punishment will be worse as well. YOU are given the POWER to change the outcome and you FAILED miserably.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Pure evil to have done this to an innocent furbaby……. hope that they are found and locked up for a very long time!!!


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