Heartbreaking case of tiny poodle’s abusive treatment

At the OPCA Shelter Network Alliance which strives to save shelter poodles, Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control posted the heartbreaking photo of a one-year-old miniature poodle who apparently had his muzzle tied together causing severe injury. No details have been provided.

According to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control, this little guy may be available for adoption in the future. Please share his plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Surely he deserves better.

On Friday, OPCA left a message requesting more information and has offered help or assistance if needed. Animal advocates are encouraged not to contact the shelter as it could disrupt their ability to care for the other animals.

 Please note that the shelter may not be permitted to disclose any information since this dog is still under stray wait, or if his condition is classified as a humane case under investigation. We will provide any update or additional information on Monday 5/3 after we receive return call from shelter.


PetHarbor Adoption Listing:

I am a neutered male, white Poodle – Miniature mix.

The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 1 month old.

I have been at the shelter since Apr 29, 2021.

If you live in the area and recognize this dog, please contact:
Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control at 414-649-8640
Ask for information about animal ID number A395843

Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control
Telephone ‒ 414-649-8640
3839 W. Burnham St.
Milwaukee, WI
Fax: 414-649-8651

Adoption Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11am–4pm
Sat-Sun: 11am–4pm

Per MADACC website: “Lost animals that have been brought to MADACC [are] posted on [its] website after [the animal] has been vaccinated and given a cursory exam. [MADACC] holds animals for the stray hold period dictated by state law, which is 4 days, plus one for the day the animal was taken into [MADACC] custody. [MADACC] plans a path for each animal during the animals stray hold period; so it is on the 6th day [MADACC] will make an animal available for adoption or transfer, or humanely euthanize if it is determined that the animal cannot be placed due to unsafe behavior, or due to medical conditions that are not able to be treated.” – “Animals that are able to be placed in an adoptive home or are suitable for transfer to another shelter or rescue do not have a time limit on how long MADACC will hold them.

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