He is ‘my life,’ woman distraught after her German shepherd fell into storm drain

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A woman in Las Vegas, Nevada, was left shaken and distraught after her German shepherd, Riley, fell into an open storm drain. As reported by KLAS News, Lana Norman was walking her dog when he suddenly plunged several feet down into the storm drain, through an unsecured opening on the side of the road.

She recounted her terrified reaction immediately after Riley fell, an estimated 8 feet, into the drain:

‘Oh my God,’ ‘Oh my God,’” she said. “I’m screaming at him. I’m crying. I’m totally freaking out. How am I going to get my dog out of this hole?”

Norman initially called 9-1-1 for help, but the dispatcher said that the service was only for “human” emergencies. Fortunately, a neighbor was able to come help her get Riley out of the drain. She told the news agency how the dog’s fall impacted her, stating:

“I was shaking for hours,” she said. “That dog’s my life.”

The grate that was supposed to be in place on top of the storm drain has since been replaced…and Riley is okay.

(Images via screenshot KLAS News)

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