Good Morning Britain’s guest breaks down in tears for Nowzad animal charity and staff still stuck in Afghanistan

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On Friday morning, Dominic Dyer, a good friend and supporter of Pen Farthing and Nowzad, an animal charity still trapped in Afghanistan, became tearful as he continued to plead with his government to help people evacuate the ravaged country.

According to ITV, Pen and Dyer appeared alongside Alex Beresford and Charlotte Hawkins on Friday to insist Pen’s attempts to flee had been thwarted; Defense Secretary Ben Wallace soon followed claiming “misinformation” has been relayed to former Marine Commando Pen Farthing as he tries to exit the country with his staff and nearly 200 rescued cats and dogs.

During the week on GMB, Dyer has continued his pleas for help from the government and has led to the Ministry of Defense advising British citizens to find alternative routes out of the country. On Friday, Dyer claimed that security measures had supposedly prevented Pen’s plane arriving at the airport, and greatly feared if Pen would ever escape.

Later in the show, however, Wallace appeared and debunked Dyer’s claims.

“Let me be quite clear on this. It is from my point of view that the facts being pedaled by your previous contributor (were done) completely wrongly. No one blocked a flight – my officials and staff have been inundated with pretty much abusive conversation and emails unacceptably.

Pen himself was called forward last Friday, we encouraged him to do that, he said he wouldn’t go without his animals and his Afghans. When the Afghans were called forward as was their turn, and you’ll remember I’ve been very clear I wasn’t going to allow people to jump queues.

When they were called forward, their instruction was to go to a location and obviously they got there but as I said though out the whole process, this wasn’t about a plane on the runway, this was about the flow through the gates and the tragedy of this is that that has been proved.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

These statements had been in response to numerous tweets from Wallace the day before where he stated he never said he would block the exit of Pen, his staff and the animals; he contended he meant “no one would get to queue jump.”

Wallace also contended that Pen had been receiving misinformation, but as the conversation became even more emotionally heated, host Charlotte then interjected reminding Wallace this is a humanitarian point of view made up of personal connections.

And so we wait.

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