German shepherd rescued after falling into 500-gallon septic tank

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An 85-pound German shepherd found himself in a stinky predicament this week after falling into a 500 gallon septic tank that was being serviced in Bedford, New Hampshire.

The Bedford NH Police Department posted photos of the bedraggled dog, recounting what happened:

This is what your dog looks like after it accidentally falls into a full 500 gallon septic tank while its being serviced. Poor little pup! Animal Control Officer Paul and Officer Heikkila were able to pull the 85 lb German Shepherd out of the tank using a catch pole and some ingenuity.

The pooch was none-the-worse-for-wear after being rescued from the tank. According to the authorities, he got a bath and is “doing well.” His owners, on the other hand, are still recuperating from moments of sheer panic. The police were careful to note that the dog’s mishap was completely accidental, and stated that they were “just happy” that they could help.

(Images via Bedford NH Police Dept).

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