German shepherd alerted neighbor and opened three latches to help save his owner having a stroke

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In Gainesville, Florida, a family’s seven-year-old German Shepherd named Ellie is quite the hero who saved the life of her human after he suffered a stroke. Ellie’s story will make you a believer in angels no doubt.

According to ABCNews27, the story on Twitter begins with Ellie’s owner, Lothar Weimann, 68, slurring his speech, not knowing his own name and suddenly falling. Ellie, who suffers from joint pain and lameness, sensed something was wrong with her owner and bounded off for her neighbor’s home after opening three latches by herself in her backyard. Once free, Ellie found the neighbor and barked furiously as if trying to tell him something.

The neighbor, Dan Burton, 51, walked Ellie back home and then realized there was a medical emergency with Weimann who seemed completely disoriented and suspected his neighbor had a stroke. That’s when Burton call 911.

Had it not been for Ellie’s amazing connection to her human, recognizing some subtle changes and running to get help, would Weimann even be here today?

Months later, Weimann is home and feeling fine, but his doctors confirmed he had a stroke in addition to having been diagnosed with heart problems and Type 2 diabetes. He has since lost 25 pounds and is feeling better.

Weimann is a former dog trainer and said his two dogs see him as their pack leader. He is indeed grateful to Ellie for saving his life and has always believed dogs are the better humans. No doubt – Ellie is a hero.

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