German pentathlon coach kicked out of Tokyo Olympics after punching horse

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On Friday, Coach Kim Raisner, hit a horse with her fist during show jumping in Tokyo and urged a German rider to “really hit” the horse when it didn’t want to jump.

According to Reuters, Raisner was disqualified and will not be able to participate in the finals at the Tokyo Olympics.

“We were all in agreement that the coach will not be at the competition on Saturday. We also consider that an urgent review of the incident is necessary, especially in terms of animal protection, and that the national and international federations draw their conclusions.”

German Olympic team chief Alfons Hoermann stated via Reuters

Horses are assigned at random to the riders at the Modern Pentathlon federation, (UIPM)  and riders only have 20 minutes to both bond and warm up with their horses before the commencement of the competition. Annika Schleu held a 24-second lead during the show jumping part of the pentathlon when the horse she was riding, Saint Boy refused to jump. Schleu cried out as her time expired, and her lead vanished.

During the time however, Raisner urged Schleu to “really hit it, hit” her horse and punched the horse on the back of the leg. Schleu was observed hitting Saint Boy multiple times and the entire exchange was both seen and heard live on television in Germany.

Schleu was one of six riders who didn’t finish and was subsequently eliminated.

“Rules must change in such a way so that rider and horse are protected. The focus must be on the welfare of the animals and the fair competition for athletes.”

Alfons Hoermann

The modern pentathlon consists of five sports: running, swimming, fencing, shooting and horseback riding.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    That behavior by both the coach and the rider was horrible. I am glad they were both kicked out of the Olympics. No way to justify this disgusting behavior towards a horse.

    One instills fear.
    One earns respect.

    Horses are sentient animals who can judge whether or not they want to work with a person….. Clearly this coach and rider were not aggreeable


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