Funny dog squishes face on things – social media worries, but vet says that dog is healthy

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A blue-eyed pooch named Leo has gained quite a following on TikTok for his silly antics that involve him pressing his face into walls, furniture, or into the surface of other objects.

The two-year-old dog looks goofy at times, but instead of laughing, many of his social media followers expressed concern that he might have an undiagnosed health issue. Dogs who press their heads into walls, or other surfaces, are often suffering from a range of conditions – from brain tumors to hepatic encephalopathy.

But Leo’s veterinarian has given him the all-clear. As reported by People, Leo’s owner, Christine, has spent “hundreds of dollars” trying to figure out what is behind her dog’s antics. His veterinarian has assured her that Leo is as “healthy as a horse,” and she said that he is simply a “silly healthy goofball.”

Leo has amassed a huge following on TikTok, with over 278k followers. You can find him at this link.

(Screenshots of Leo via social media)

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