‘Frosty face’ senior dog needs hospice foster home for what remains of his life

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A sweet, old dog named Max found himself in need of a new home at the ripe old age of 16. According to the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, the elderly dog’s former owner, also a senior, could no longer care for him.

The rescue group explains:

This sweet frosty face comes from a senior owner who is no longer able to care for him. At 16, we know his days are limited, but our goal is to make him comfortable and buy him some quality time. Max, who spent this afternoon being vetted, needs someone who will be able to help him on his feet and give him some assistance with walking.

Stating that Max is currently in a temporary foster home, but he is in need of somewhere new to go:

We will consider fosters in Southwest or Central Florida. Max is currently with a temporary foster family in Sarasota.

 If you live in our area and are not yet approved, please go to www.grrswf.org and fill out an application or send us a pm. 

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