From a chain on a barrel to a needle to die at a shelter, hearts opened up and saved a young dog just in time

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Pepper was scheduled to die on Wednesday morning. Her brief life had been one of misery, and then she was picked up by Animal Control in a Georgia neighborhood. Sadly, any hope of having a new life faded quickly; overcrowding and lack of funding meant Pepper would face the ultimate betrayal.

Animal Ark Rescue reached out to help, and this afternoon Pepper is safe.

Check out her freedom video:

“Pepper was scheduled to be euthanized this morning at a GA Animal Control. Just a little girl ( 20 lbs) she was born into a life of misery and when finally taken of the chain the ultimate betrayal was about to happen. Our hearts have always been with the ones that need us the most. We are sure a much better outcome is now possible.”

Animal Ark Rescue

Welcome to life Pepper. Please share Pepper’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Help others understand how sharing the stories of these beautiful, innocent pets can truly save their lives.

We will be learning more about Pepper in the near future and will keep you updated. Meanwhile, to help:


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