Freaky TikTok video shared showing a ‘ghost’ removing the dog’s collar

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A TikTok user shared a video showing a dog reacting in terror as her collar is removed and falls to the floor. The clip went viral after Shanny Fantg posted the disturbing moment a “ghost” allegedly took the collar off one of her dogs. Several other videos in the past have been presented as proof that her home has been visited by a “ghost.”

This particular video, from the woman’s home surveillance camera, shows two dogs barking loudly from inside of their crates. The brown dog continues to bark while lying down and the black one continues to bark while standing up. The dogs face each other as they continued to bark, but suddenly both dogs become very quiet.

Just moments later, the collar on the black dog moves around her neck seemingly terrifying the pooch. She jumps back as if trying to get away from something scaring her, and then her collar falls off her neck. She barks one more time before sniffing the collar.

“Watch my black dog. Ghost takes her collar off in her crate.”

Shanny on TikTok

Check out the video.

What do you think? Since being posted, the video has garnered more than 1.6 million views.

In a previous video, the at home surveillance camera showed a doggy door between the kitchen and the living room swing open by itself in the middle of the night.

Most viewers are truly fascinated. Perhaps it’s the time of the year the spirits come out to visit? Still other viewers have suggested the collar became caught up in the cage and fell off.

Do you believe in ghosts?

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