Four-month-old puppy stuffed into cardboard box, covered with leaves and left in the alley for trash pick-up

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A four-month-old puppy had been placed in a corrugated box in an alley with leaves and branches covering him up and then dumped helplessly in an alley near the Irvine, California area. And if that wasn’t tragic enough, the puppy dubbed Leaf is not able to use his back legs. What would have happened to this tiny puppy had he not been discovered?

According to rescuer Suzette Hall, the puppy did have a microchip; his registered owner was contacted. The puppy had been abandoned a short distance from the owner’s home, who claimed she have been “looking all over for the puppy.”

“She didn’t show any normal reaction to finding her puppy, but was informed of the consequences of animal abandonment, neglect and failure to get necessary medical car for an animal is a fineable offense from misdemeanor to felony.

She denied all culpability and quickly surrendered him.”

Suzette’s post

Once the veterinarian determines the cause of the puppy’s injuries and the extent, Animal Control will be asked to follow-up on the situation. Sadly, the puppy’s back legs are paralyzed; his real name was Tigger. It is hoped an anti inflammation treatment plan will help. He is currently receiving emergency medical treatment.

Please call the veterinarian hospital to donate:

Camino Pet Hospital


Under Logan’s Legacy

Venmo: @Suzette-Hall-3

PayPal or Zelle:[email protected]

Updates to follow.

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  1. Thank God he’s in SAFE hands now. Good thing about Cali is if SHE abused this pup, and a Vet WILL be able to tell, they WILL charge her. Hopefully, a GOOD human will give him a loving forever home.


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