‘Fospice’ family making terminally ill dog special with her own bucket list

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At the Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, a terminally ill pup has her own specialized bucket list, and it seems to be a huge success. Meet Lala, who arrived at the shelter after being found abandoned at a recently sold property.

The friendly senior was placed in a foster home, but she didn’t want to eat, prompting a visit to the veterinarian for some diagnostics into the problem. Lala’s bulge in her stomach had been a tumor on her spleen, and surgery was indicated; the tumor was successfully removed, however the mass had been malignant and had already spread into her other organs. Lala only had weeks to a few months to live.

Lala’s life was no where near the end yet, and as we all know, dogs live each day to the fullest. And so Lala went to an experienced fospice family – loving people who provide a home for the terminally ill shelter dogs and give them special days to honor their lives.

“Our team worked to find her a Foster that would be able to spend time with her at home. They. Made. A. Perfect. Match. Lala’s Foster wanted her last days experiences to be extra special. She made her a doggie bucket list. Lala has checked off a few like a steak dinner, spa day and as you can see a K9 Officer. She still has a few more to go like a picnic and a treat taster for a day.”

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There are a few more adventures Lala has yet to experience including going on a picnic, eating doggy ice cream, treat tasting – oh those donuts and visiting some local cool spots.

No doubt Lala is a sweet and adorable pup whose personality captivates our hearts. May every day Lala have left be precious to both her and her amazing fostpice family.

If you would like to be a fospice parent, visit Young-Williams’ website and fill out the form to foster. The shelter will provide supplies needed for care at no cost to the foster. To donate, please click here.

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