Former Off Leash K-9 trainer sentenced to probation for aggravated animal cruelty

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In Jonesborough, Tennessee, the former dog trainer at Off Leash K-9 charged with aggravated animal cruelty pleaded guilty in Washington County in front of Judge Lisa Rice. Andrew Hunigan was sentenced to one year of supervised probation, a one year jail sentence and a $25 fine.

According to Wjhl News,  Hunigan was granted diversion, meaning he can have the conviction and sentence removed from his record if he completes probation successfully. He will not be allowed to care for or own any more animals than the three dogs and one cat he currently owns.

As reported by multiple sources,  a nine-month-old miniature bull terrier died while in the care of Off Leash K9 Training. A necropsy revealed that the young dog named Dallas, who had been at the facility for five weeks, had zero body fat and no food in his digestive tract.

As reported by WcybNews, Hunigan stated he did not intend to hurt Dallas and thought the puppy had been eating. Judge Rice replied that anyone looking at the photos of the dog knew he needed care.

The dog’s owners were in the courtroom but did not make a statement.

(Photo via Washington County Sheriff’s Department)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Astounding that the MORE evil and CORRUPT someone is, the more they ACTUALLY think they KNOW more than the EXPERTS and continue to LIE even with damning EVIDENCE. Invoking biblical law “eye for an eye”, I pray God’s hand of Justice finds Andrew Hunigen and Randi LeFerney with a reality check bringing THEM to KNOW the experience of STARVATION and DEHYDRATION, while ISOLATED to prevent anyone from hearing BOTH cry and MOAN like this poor dog DID for DAYS!


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