Firefighters in Oregon rescue 12-year-old golden retriever trapped in water for 4 hours in abandoned well

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A 12-year-old golden retriever was rescued earlier this week from the bottom of a well in Aloha, Oregon after firemen from the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue came to the dog’s aid.

The senior pooch, Calvin fell down an abandoned well on Monday, and firefighters from two of the company’s stations used a tripod and rope pulley system to reach the dog who had been treading water for hours at the bottom of the well.

One of the firefighters had been lowered into the well and was then able to secure Calvin and bring him back to the safety of land. Calvin’s owner, Dickson Patton had spent hours looking for the dog when he discovered him missing. During that time, his other two dogs, Fergus and Margaret kept going to an old pump house.

And when Calvin heard his family up top calling for him, he began to bark from the 30 feet deep well.

“Firefighters from station 62 in Aloha paired up with firefighters from our technical rescue team from station 51 in Tigard to rescue a 12 yo Golden Retriever that had fallen into an abandoned well in Aloha this afternoon. Firefighters used a tripod and rope system to lower a rescuer into the well and retrieve Calvin who had been in the well for 4 hours. Firefighters then were able to lift Calvin and his rescuer out of the well where he was reunited with his owners. Firefighters from our technical rescue team receive specialized training in multiple disciplines, including confined space rescue. Animal rescues are carefully evaluated and often used as an opportunity for firefighters to hone their skills for this highly technical tasks,” the department posted on social media.

Calvin is safe and recuperating. According to his owner, Calvin likely had been chasing a squirrel when he fell down the well. All reports point to the squirrel having safely escaped.

Many thanks to the amazing work and compassion of our firefighters. Feel free to visit their Facebook page and thank them.

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