Firefighter adopts dog he helped rescue in fire

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A Des Moines, Iowa, firefighter has adopted a dog that he helped rescue from an apartment fire in September. The 16-month-old Mastiff suffered injuries in the fire that would have required expensive veterinary care, and his owner was going to have the dog euthanized, but the crisis was averted thanks to the commitment of a firefighter who stepped up to help.

The City of Des Moines shared the story with Facebook followers on October 15, writing:

Des Moines Firefighters responded to an apartment fire in late September. As the fire was extinguished, firefighters located and rescued a large 16-month dog and began administering oxygen to him. Once Animal Control arrived, they determined that there were two options of care for the dog: potentially expensive treatment at the owner’s expense or euthanasia. The owner opted for for the latter one.

Commending the fire fighter who stepped up to save the dog’s life, and call him his own:

Fire Fighter Malcolm Cortner, who had helped pull the dog out of the building, asked to sign for possession of the Mastiff for further treatment at his own expense. He was granted his request, arranged for treatment, and the second picture really says it all. Congratulations to Fire Fighter Cortner who has a new best friend, George.

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