Family traveling through Pennsylvania discovered cat trapped in vehicle’s engine

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Can you imagine traveling by car through Luzurne County, Pennsylvania over the weekend and hearing a strange sound coming from under the car’s hood? What could be wrong with the car one would surely wonder?

And this is where the truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. When the family stopped to investigate the noise, they found out a kitten had been trapped in the vehicle’s engine compartment. The Bear Creek Fire Department came to the rescue. Finding the kitten and carefully removing the adorable feline took approximately one-and-a-half hours.

The firemen had to actually take apart many parts of the family’s new Nissan SUV to rescue the kitten.

And there’s more to this story … the family decided to keep the rescued kitten and add her to their family.

Cynthia Feliciano

Job well-done to The Bear Creek Fire Department.

Stop by their Facebook page and thank them if you would. We love our firemen, and we love how these brave men and women care so much about our animal friends.

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