Family reunited with dog who vanished eight years ago

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Against all odds, a family in Texas has been reunited with a dog who disappeared eight years ago. As reported by Fort Wayne NBC News, the dog, named Kemo, belongs to Cara Seiler and Kailey Kuntz, who got him when he was just a puppy.

They told the news agency:

“We never really stopped looking, we always hoped, always looking at missing pet posts.”

Their hopes of seeing Kemo again were fulfilled last week when they got an unexpected call from the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control facility. Kemo had been brought in as a stray, and his microchip led staff to Seiler and Kuntz, who said:

“Kaliey and I were crying the whole way from Auburn to Fort Wayne. It was surreal. When we walked in the door, he knew it was us.”

The animal shelter posted photos of the happy reunion, writing:

We are over the moon happy that Kemo was finally reunited with his family! This was such a heartwarming moment to watch and we’re so glad Kemo had a microchip to make this moment possible.
We hope this story inspires anyone who is missing a pet to never give up hope! We also urge everyone to please get your pets microchipped just in case they were to ever get lost. We do it here for you at the shelter for just $15!
Welcome home Kemo!

Remember, if you have your pet microchipped, keep your contact information up to date!

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  1. I am very happy that this family is finally reunited!!! It was a long time happening but prayers were answered!!!!!

    Accidents with escaped furbabies can happen so quickly that it’s very scary…….. of course it should go without saying that anyone who “deliberately lets a companion animal loose” is permanently banned from the home…….

    No ?’s: adopt, “snip” & chip before you bring home your new furever furbaby!!!

    Always keep the chip registry up to date so if the “unthinkable” ever happens (careless kids, thoughtless visitors to the home, escapee from the veterinary clinic) there is a hope of being reunited……..

    Everyone in our furry family is chipped, including our horses (please tell me again why I can’t have my husband chipped???)


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