Faithful dogs remained with their homeless owner when he died – now they are in need of a place to go

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Two dogs who spent their life in the company of a homeless man are in need of help. Trenton Animals Rock explained the sad situation to Facebook followers on Tuesday morning, writing:

This is truly heartbreaking. Many kind humans throughout the area have been helping a super kind homeless man care for his two beloved pitties for a long time now. Sadly, he was found dead this morning with his pups right by his side.

The man’s dogs, Dunky (male) and Angel (female) were taken to the Trenton animal shelter, but it is completely full. Now, those aware of the sad situation are hopeful that someone will be able to open their home to this pair.

Trenton Animal Rocks said:

Our volunteers are working tirelessly with the ACOs to find placements ASAP. Our rescue will cover the cost of all vetting needed.

Contact information

To apply to foster please go to ASAP or email the rescue group at Thank you for your kindness.

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