Evil man brutally attacked dog with machete intending to kill her

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Near San Antonio, Texas, an evil man attacked a neighborhood dog with a machete on Sunday morning. Animal Control officers were told by neighbors the man meant to kill the dog.

According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who stepped forward to help, the dog now named Penny, is seriously injured and will be undergoing surgery. Her ear was severely cut, and her leg was sliced to the bone.

“We cannot believe the depravity that exists in this world and more importantly how people who do such acts get away with it,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page with the heartbreaking photos of Penny’s injuries.

And through all of Penny’s pain, she has remained sweet. She holds no grudges and just yearns to be loved. Her veterinarians will be performing the following surgeries and procedures.

“She’s going into surgery to cut , de-bribe all the dead skin on Penny’s leg , ear and torso .
The ER vet believes from Penny’s injuries that she was burned as well . Her ear is in horrific condition, which on its own will require a few surgeries , there’s concern the flap and canal will need to be surgically removed.”
Updates to follow.

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  1. In THIS country, it’s MOSTLY TEXANS committing some the of the MOST HEINOUS torture against ALL animals, with Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, and Virginia coming in close for 2nd place. Congrats for being the MOST evil FILLED state. I honestly don’t know HOW any of the GOOD people here sleep at night. YOUR KIDS are NEXT, better wise up before it’s too late.


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