Emaciated four-pound senior Chihuahua rescued from Houston shelter

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How could anyone allow an aged, four-pound Chihuahua to be so neglected? The 10-year-old dog was barely able to balance herself and had a hard time keeping her eyes open and her head up. On Wednesday, Ruby was rescued from the Harris County Animal Shelter by ThisIsHouston, a non-profit all breed dog rescue organization.

Ruby was rushed to Vergi 24/7 where she was being administered intravenous fluids. The main concern has been her teeth. The root is showing on her front canine tooth and the veterinarian staff think something snapped off her teeth or that she had suffered trauma for the teeth to have been knocked out. In addition she also has an oral nasal fistula.

Throughout all of Ruby’s procedures at the hospital, her disposition remains so very sweet.

Ruby rested well and this morning her medical foster mom stated she is standing, drinking and even ate a small amount of food. She will remain on fluids and will be further assessed with another veterinarian for follow-up care. In addition to all of her current health issues, she also has an eye infection.

“We’re also sure she has 2 fistulas in her mouth. We were originally told she had all four canines but one is actually missing and it’s just a wide open hole. Another canine is extremely rotten and we’re thinking she will have a fistula underneath that. We’re not sure who could inflict so much pain on a 4lb dog, but Ruby did not deserve any of this. She’s estimated to be 10 years old and we don’t know how long she’s been living with this pain.”

Ruby’s prognosis remains unknown, but she will be helped and loved every step of the way towards her recovery.

Updates to follow.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Prayers and hugs for precious little treasure Ruby from the Peters Puppy Pack. When you feel better, we would love to have you join us!!!
    Whoever neglected you, shame on them!!! I can’t understand how anyone could have been so cruel…… I am very happy that you are rescued and being treated with the care you need……. We are praying for your quick and full recovery…….


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