Emaciated dog rescued from cave likely spent two weeks trapped until climbers found him

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In Corydon, Indiana, a group of explorers were at the Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve when something odd appeared. Down in the bottom of a 30-foot drop, there was a black and white dog looking up at them. Members of the team rappelled down into the pit and brought the dog up to the surface out of the cave. They then informed the Harrison County Animal Control.

Rescuers believe the dog they dubbed Dewey may have spent two weeks in the cave. When discovered, he was emaciated, his collar was loose – indicating he had recently lost a substantial amount of weight. There were scratch marks halfway down the shaft leaving his rescuers to believe a branch had caught the dog by his collar which likely broke his fall. He then was able to wiggle free of the collar and fall to the bottom of the cave.

There was also an empty turtle shell at the bottom of the cave which had collected water when it rained.

Days later, the dog whose real name is Hawkeye, was reunited with his family. When his family arrived, the pooch’s tail wagged happily as he enjoyed his ears being scratched and the joyous reunion.

Be careful Hawkeye – watch where you’re running buddy!

Check out the video:

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