Emaciated dog found abandoned near service center still trusting and kind

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The Wichita Animal Action League received a report from a concerned citizen on Wednesday about an emaciated dog all alone inside of a fenced garden near a community service center. His leash and collar had been left outside of the fence. The collar was much too large for him; it is likely his story will never be known. Perhaps his owner didn’t want him anymore, and instead of taking his dog to a nearby shelter, just deserted him? Perhaps the dog was stolen?

And so it is a new beginning for the dog now named Creed. A volunteer from the rescue organization described the dog’s disposition; it all brings tears to our eyes:

“All we know is he’s about the most gentle, sweetest dog we’ve seen in a long time. Considering what he’s been through, he’s incredibly trusting, docile and good-natured.”

Creed needs veterinary care, and has a mass on one of his legs which is now being examined and reviewed for treatment. It will take time for Creed to heal, to gain weight and to be ready to be adopted to a loving family, but now he will never know another day of hunger or loneliness.

Check out Creed’s rescue video:

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