Eight puppies who have not been socialized dumped at shelter after owner never bothered to be responsible

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Eight puppies are huddled in a corner, scared witless because they have never been socialized and suddenly find themselves in a noisy shelter with strangers everywhere. The litter was surrendered to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California on Tuesday, and the puppies are all huddled in the corner of their shelter cage hoping no one will see them.

Their advocate writes:

“These innocent pooches need to be adopted by families who have experience with fearful pups, and not expect them to provide instant gratification. A month ago, a fearful dog was separated from his two siblings, only to be surrendered back to the shelter because he was too timid…,” posted Sherry Brewer on her social media page hoping to find help for these pups.

Brewer is hoping to get the message out asking for experienced rescuers and protect the puppies from people who do not know how to care for these animals.

For more information, contact the shelter at:


(888) 452-7381

Please call the East Valley Shelter today about the puppies 888-452-7381, press 4

Follow the plight of these little ones here.

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