Dying puppies abandoned like trash in Houston

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Two ailing puppies, one so sick that he is “unresponsive,” were abandoned like trash in Houston, Texas. The puppies, dubbed Woody and Buzz, are currently fighting for their life after being cruelly tossed aside. On Monday, the ThisIsHouston Facebook page posted a photo of the puppies, who were found in a blue plastic bin, and wrote:

It’s a sad day when two living, breathing animals are tossed out like trash because they’re sick. Sadly, this happens almost every day here in Houston, TX and we’re fighting a battle we will never win. We named them Woody and Buzz and we sincerely hope they can hang in there 🥺 the little brown one, Woody, is barely responsive and his brother keeps trying to lick him awake 💔 they are being rushed to Vergi 24/7.

According to ThisIsHouston, neighbors reported the puppies’ owner to animal control – the woman, unnamed, is being fined.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Woody & Buzz are rescued by a fantastic rescue team!!! In a few weeks they will be much improved. I hope they recover fully ASAP and are rehomed into loving furever families where they will be treated as beloved family members!!!

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    ASTOUNDING that ANY community could allow this to happen DAILY, and NOW? An animal rescuer has even admitted: “we’re fighting a battle we can not win”. With that I say the following: how remedial can one get? The ONLY REASON this is such an egregious situation is because TEXANS KEEP VOTING for the SAME POLITICIANS, SHERIFF, and LOCAL POLICE CHIEFS, then stand around with one hand down their pants and the other picking buggers from their nose wondering why things like THIS don’t change. THIS is the TRUE definition of INSANITY folks: trying the SAME approach after every FAILURE, and expecting DIFFERENT results. My God, don’t you freaks in Texas see how STUPID you ALL look to almost everyone else!?


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