Drone company received permission to rescue emaciated dogs trapped near La Palma volcano

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Three dogs stranded in an abandoned backyard in the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma, hopefully will be rescued after a drone operator was granted permission to rescue the dogs. Aerocamaras, the Spanish drone company, announced on Monday they are being allowed by authorities to use a remote-controlled net to airlift the dogs.

A dog lies on the ash-covered earth surrounded by volcanic lava following an eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, in the area of Todoque on the Canary Island of La Palma, Spain in this undated screen grab taken from a handout video. Video recorded with a drone. Handout via REUTERS

“Our pilots are conducting tests together with the emergency teams at this moment. Due to the complexity of the operation, we need calm and concentration.”

Aerocmaras spokesperson

The dogs who had apparently been abandoned, have been roaming the yard surrounded by volcanic ash since the volcano erupted in September. Food has been dropped to the dogs from drones until now, but the dogs reportedly have barely been eating. According to Yahoo News, the animal association Leales.org (Leales is Spanish for loyal) first asked for help to rescue the dogs.

Thus far, the dogs have not been able to be rescued because helicopters are limited to flying in the hot gas areas which can cause damage to the rotors.

Jaime Pereira, the CEO of the drone company, told Reuters he will send a 110-pound drone equipped with a wide net to trap the dogs one by one and fly them out of the danger area over the flowing lava. (1,476 feet) It will be the first time an animal is being rescued with a drone, but it seems to be the only option, and there are a lot of dog lovers who are giving this rescue effort their all.

The success of the mission will depend upon how the dogs react to being captured by the net. It is not known if they are frightened from seeing the drones. The drones also have to depend on their battery life, and there will be only four minutes to lure each dog into the net and then four more minutes to fly each dog out.

The volcano has destroyed almost 2,000 buildings since erupting on September 19 with 6,000 people having to evacuate the area. La Palma is the home to about 83,000 people.

Let’s hope the dogs can be rescued.

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