Dozens of dogs rescued from trash and feces filled house

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Over 50 dogs and puppies have been rescued from deplorable conditions inside of a residence in north Texas. The Humane Society of North Texas posted photos of the dogs living in squalor, and recounted the cruel situation the dogs were found to be living in:

Over 50 Dogs Rescued From Living In Approximately 3-Feet of Feces ‼️
Two weeks ago today, (4-12-21) the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) Cruelty Department worked alongside the Hill County Sheriff’s Department to rescue over 50 dogs that had been living in unbelievable conditions for quite some time. HSNT’s investigators entered the property in Hazmat suits and respirators due to the high levels of ammonia.

According to the animal welfare agency, the dogs were living in the trash and feces-filled home with their owner. The dogs and puppies rescued from the pitiful situation were suffering with flea infestations, skin infections, and hair loss from the unsanitary conditions, and they were infested with parasites, including; hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

The shelter said:

Many of the females were pregnant or had recently given birth. The moms and babies, the youngsters and the aged were all covered in feces with nowhere to escape this torment of living in deplorable conditions–parts of which included approximately 3-feet of compacted urine and fecal matter. Simply stated, it was disgusting.

The dogs and puppies rescued from the home are in the care of the shelter. You can lend the facility a hand by making a donation for veterinary care and supplies at this link to their website.

(Images via Humane Society of North Texas Facebook page)

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