Dogs rescued from animal clinic fire died from heatstroke after being placed in parked car

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Two dogs that were removed from a Clearwater, Florida,  animal clinic died from heatstroke after being left inside of a parked car. As reported by WGN 9 News, two dogs were taken out of the All Pet Care Animal Clinic on Wednesday after a fire broke out. But the dogs ultimately died after being left in a vehicle that apparently did not have air-conditioning running.

Fabian Rojas’ family dog, Kiwi, was one of the dogs that perished. Rojas tells the news agency:

“They called me to go pick him up because there was a fire. Pick him up and take him to the ER,” said Rojas. “That’s all they told me.”

All Pet Care Animal Clinic founder Dr. Gursager Singh told the news agency that he could not confirm if the vehicle had a working air-conditioner or not. He said:

Other team members, I think we should do better training to all of them.”

(Clearwater Fire Department)

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