Dog with chain embedded in neck abandoned outside of animal shelter

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A dog, with a chain deeply embedded in her neck, was abandoned outside of a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, animal shelter on Tuesday. The Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter posted two graphic images showing the severity of the dog’s injuries, writing:

We have unfortunately had a lot of extreme medical cases come in recently. This includes the abandoned dog posted below who will have to have her chain surgically removed.

The shelter’s initial post reads:

Our staff found this poor dog tied to our door this morning. Once we got her inside we discovered she had a severely embedded chain in her neck. This is not something that happens overnight. We’ve made a cruelty report with the Tuscaloosa Police Department. Please let them know if you have any information. We will be getting her medical treatment this morning

Surveillance video captured two people removing the dog, and a puppy, from a vehicle and taking them to the shelter while it was closed.

As reported by WBRC News, shelter staff did find a puppy not far from the injured female dog.


Anyone with information about this situation is asked to call (205) 752-9101.

Donations can be made at this link to the shelter’s website.

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  1. ANY law enforcement in Alabama is about as inclined to do something about this as the NAZI’S in Texas are, NOT!


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