Dog who spent 419 days in Texas shelter finally adopted BUT returned the next day

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The longest shelter resident at the Waco Animal Shelter thought he finally found his new home. Rusty had been in the shelter for 419 days, and what everyone thought would be the start of a great future turned out to be another grand disappointment for a sweet dog who desperately needs patience and stability in his life.

Rusty arrived at the Waco Animal Shelter when he was a puppy. His previous owners surrendered him because he was “too hyper.” The shelter then placed the active little one in a foster home and eventually he was sent to a shelter in Idaho where it was thought his chances for adoption would increase. Sadly, the other dogs found homes, but not Rusty. The lonely pooch had become an introvert and just wasn’t dog friendly; no one wanted him.

And so Rusty returned to Texas, and his temperament became more unruly because of his loneliness and frustration. Still no one ever gave up hope, and in November 2020, Rusty was adopted. Later that month he was returned because he was being destructive. The staff at the shelter worked with Rusty and thought he was finally able to be placed in a home.

Fast forward to March 2021; the staff and volunteers thought this was to be Rusty’s big break. A couple had fallen in love with him and once again, Rusty – all excited left for his new home. Sadly, within 24 hours, Rusty was brought back to the shelter because he was “too much work.”

Of course, dogs need more than 24 hours to adapt to their new environment, and it’s not Rusty’s fault. This two-year-old dog needs to be the only dog in the home, no cats and no young children.

If you think Rusty can become part of your family and you have patience, understanding and a big heart for a pup who has had so many disappointing moments in his life, contact the Humane Society of Central Texas.

Check out his video:

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