Dog trapped in bathroom with leopard for 7 hours miraculously escaped

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In the small village of Bilinele in Dakshina Kannada, India, a stray dog miraculously escaped unharmed after getting trapped in a bathroom with a leopard for hours. Videos and photos of the bizarre event have gone viral on social media.

Twitter user and journalist Prajwal, tweeted a photo of the hair-raising encounter with the dog in one corner and the leopard on the other side. The stray had been chased inside of the bathroom by the leopard, so one would have surely expected the predator to pursue the dog.

“The photo was taken from outside through a gap in the window. It is a leopard and a dog stuck together since this morning inside the toilet of a house in Kadaba, Dakshina Kannada district. I am told the leopard escaped at 2 pm and the dog is alive!”

According to the Indian Express, the homeowner fled from his home and called police.

“Sharing a video I received from the spot. After the leopard and dog were spotted inside the toilet in the morning, curious passers-by joined forest department officials to figure out how to catch the leopard and release it to the forest.”

The leopard finally broke free of the nets rescuers tried to use to capture it and fled into the forest. The dog, identified by villages as “Bollu” was not injured nor attacked by the cat.

Remember, these two were stuck in the bathroom for seven hours. Did they make a truce? We are all glad – leopard, dog and everyone involved are all safe.

Check out the video:


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