Dog survives horrific abuse only to be called ‘gruesome’ by someone cruel

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A brave dog, who managed to survive horrific abuse, was recently called “gruesome” by a cruel person. Her name is Charlie, and she is looking for a home. In November 2020, Philly Bully Team issued a social media post on Charlie’s behalf, writing:

this is Charlie. She’s been on my radar for awhile now. Over a year. I have posted before looking for a foster and haven’t had any luck, so I’m posting again. She is a victim of dog fighting. The skin on her face went necrotic and had to be removed. Despite being failed by humans, this 28lb pocket pittie LOVES people.

Because of Charlie’s brutal past, she is unable to live with other animals. Because of her appearance, and her inability to live with other pets, she has been waiting for far too long to have a home of her own. The rescue group writes:

She’s been in the shelter for two years waiting for her chance and we would love to give that to her.

This week, the same rescue agency commented on the cruel remark that someone made about Charlie’s appearance:

Someone emailed me yesterday and referred to Charlie as “gruesome” looking. Can you imagine being the survivor of a lifetime of horrific abuse and neglect, making it out of that situation alive, still being an angel baby and that kind of comment is someone’s take away?

Helping Charlie

You can lend this brave soul a hand by sharing her information – she desperately needs a home of her own!

If you can foster and you’re approved, please reach out. If you’d like to get approved, please fill out an application on Philly Bully Team’s website

Find Philly Bully Team on Facebook here.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Charlie isn’t gruesome. Poor precious treasure is a survivor!!! She deserves to be in a loving furever family where she will be treated as a beloved family member……


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