Dog survived his home burning down, the loss of his canine pals and then someone shot him

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Duke’s story is devastating, but he’s a survivor, and Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform is asking for help. Here is what happened.

Nearly a month ago in the  Dallas area, Duke’s home burnt down. The owner of the house had three dogs, including Duke. The woman had to move in with her family, but left the dogs on the property. Sadly, one dog died as a result of the fire, and a second dog which was Duke’s bonded sibling, was discovered days later shot in the head after being killed by a neighbor. To this day, Duke still searches for his sister.

And then circumstances became worse. That same neighbor is alleged to have shot Duke in the leg.

“The person who found Duke heard the gunshot and also heard Duke screaming in pain. She went to investigate and found him hiding under the burned out trailer. She and a friend had to crawl in after him. She kept his leg treated best she could and would not let him leave her yard for fear he would try and go home and the neighbor would finish the gruesome job he started,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page.

According to volunteers, Duke is very friendly, sweet and gentle. As reported, Duke

“… has been around kids and was fine with them, but with his leg amputated, he may be more fearful until it heals a bit. He was also raised with other dogs, but after being shot didn’t want to be around a new dog. He may still be like that while healing. He’s not fearful, high strung, or nervous. Very sweet and calm. This is what I was told.”

Duke needs a foster home where he can quietly recuperate. Funds for his veterinarian needs are also needed.

Updates to follow.

To foster, please click here for an application.

To volunteer, please click here for an application.

VENMO DDRESCUE last four digits 8768
Mailing address
Dallas DogRRR
1314 W McDermott
Suite 106-741
Allen,TX 75013
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4 replies
  1. Claire Vinet says:

    The neighbor should face criminal charges! This isn’t right! That guy is both vicious and dangerous.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    With a neighbor like that, you don’t need enemies…….. what a total barbarian…… there was NO need to shoot these poor dogs……. all he had to do was call an animal rescue or animal control…….

    The dogs’ owner should not have left her dogs at the property. She had a number of options:

    1) she could have boarded them,
    2) she could have given them to relatives or friends to watch whilst she rebuilt her house (or relocated),
    3) she could have sent them to a rescue group or
    4) she could have surrendered them to an animal shelter (unless it’s a “no kill”, not the best choice)……

    The point is she had options besides leaving the dogs alone on her damaged property & vulnerable to being shot by her POS barbarian neighbor (who will absolutely burn in the hottest part of Hell forever for his cruelty)……. {if that POS were my neighbor and I knew he had murdered one of my furbabies, I would make it a priority to turn his life into a living hell with whatever I could do}………


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