Dog surrendered in critical condition from heatstroke after being left in hot car

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A dog is fighting for her life after suffering heatstroke from being left inside of a hot car. On Wednesday, the sad situation was shared with Facebook followers of the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue:

This dog was surrendered to us late yesterday when she ended up at an emergency vet in critical condition from heatstroke and the owner could not afford the care needed to try to save her.

Describing what happened, and the fate of the other dog that was in the car:

She was left in a car with the windows cracked on an 82 degree day in Nashville. She barely survived. Her brother didn’t.

The rescue group indicated that they didn’t want to “bash the owner” for making a mistake, but many of the people leaving comments on the post have expressed anger for the former owner’s horrible lack of judgement.

The rescue describes the dog’s fight for life:

She is now hospitalized and we are hoping she will survive.


The rescue group outlined how people can donate:

If you’d like to donate $5 to help us help her, you can do so here:

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Don’t want to bash the owners for making a mistake? This is no mistake with the amount of press this sort of thing gets. This is negligence period! One dog has died and this one might not make it. So yeah, let’s not bash them, why not give them a new dog to abuse. (sarcasm)!


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