Dog starved to near death: Harvey’s collar fit him 30 pounds ago

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Harvey was saved from certain death when Texas authorities removed him from the home where his owners left him tied outside to starve. Although his owners had the basic responsibility to feed and care for their dog, they will likely not face any neglect or animal cruelty charges.

That collar you see used to fit Harvey when he was 30 lbs heavier and normal weight. His owners failed to feed him, give him water, leaving him outside, starving him on a chain.
His huge heavy collar tells Harvey’s story, one of abuse and severe neglect,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYCorganization, who have stepped forward to help this dog, posted on their social media page asking for monetary help needed for Harvey’s veterinarian care.
Harvey has been transferred to the organization’s partner for life saving medical care. He is currently receiving intravenous fluids as he is extremely weak and starving. Veterinarians state the dog will need to double his current weight to regain his health, but it all must be done slowly and carefully as his body is not accustomed to being fed.
Please DONATE towards Harvey’s medical care ..
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