Man beat dog with broomstick

Dog severely injured after being tethered to bumper and dragged

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A dog in Gallatin County, Montana, suffered severe injuries after being tied to the bumper of a car and dragged an estimated half mile. On July 15, Gallatin County officials issued a news release about the animal cruelty incident. The release provides details about the cruel incident:

On July 6th, Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputies investigated a call regarding animal cruelty.  The caller reported that a dog had been tied to a bumper and was dragged over half a mile down Jackrabbit Lane before the collar came apart and the dog was set loose.  Deputies searched for the dog and found Marley in the ditch.  As the deputies approached, Marley lifted its head and showed a strong will to live.  Marley was then taken to receive emergency vet care.

Though Marley suffered horrible injuries, he is expected to recover. You can make a donation towards Marley’s care at this fundraiser.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a full investigation.

(Gallatin County release image of Marley)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Montana is one of the state’s that showed constant support for insurrectionists to take by FORCE our capitol by militants who wanted to SHOOT/HANG ALL democrats, while FORCING people to be polluted by coal even when 82% of Montana’s residents said NO more than once. But the GOP governor, who also PUNCHED a reporter for simply ASKING a question, pushed it through anyway. So, this comes as no surprise as it most often happens in states that embrace lies, bear false witness against ANYONE who dares to disagree with their Nazi Leader and blatantly said, “we don’t care if coal pollutes, we want the revenue at ANY cost, even if it takes human lives in a country already over populated”. Can’t really expect ANY humanity from such a nasty group now can we. Nice to know how THEY feel about US.


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