Dog sadly watched her owner from partially closed door not realizing she could have used her nose to push it open

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Awwww… bring me a tissue please. On an adorable Reddit post, a German shepherd sadly looks through a half open door at her owner. The photo and video posted by Reddit user @JakeBurnsRed on Monday showed one mighty sad pooch. Along with the short clip, came the explanation.

Catch the video here.

Or click here to view:

“I didn’t realize my dog was still in my room before partially closing the door. She doesn’t understand that she can just use her snout to push the door open, and just looks at me all sad.”

The comments made the scene even more endearing as followers expressed their feelings and compared this sweet dog to their own.

Nephyle_ “At least she respects a barrier… Even if it wasn’t actually a barrier this time.”

backcrossedboy “Yep, easier to deal with than a dog that eats doors to get out.”

MathematicianOk8859 “No…. it’s okay …I’ll just stay trapped in her all by myself …Probably starve to death…”

Jake did add that the dog finally figured it out shortly after he recorded the video. Oh, yes, we all need an “awwwwww” moment. We hope that this gave you a smile.

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