Dog lost in car accident later found herding sheep at a nearby farm

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On June 7, the Idaho State Police issued a release about a dog who had disappeared after a car accident at the intersection of SH 41 and Hayden Avenue on the Rathdrum Prairie between Post Falls and Rathdrum in Kootenai County. According to the authorities, the dog, a border collie mix named Tilly, was ejected from one of the vehicles in the June 6 collision.

It turns out that Tilly not only survived the collision, but he found a way to entertain himself until he could be reunited with his owner. As reported by MSN News, Tilly made his way to the Potter family’s farm, and was busy herding their sheep. Tyler, Travis and Zane Porter witnessed what they thought was their own dog, Hooey, working on the farm. But when they called for their dog, they noticed that he looked a bit different and didn’t react to his name.

When the siblings got closer to the dog, they realized that it wasn’t Hooey, but the dog who was missing from the crash. Thanks to social media postings, the family knew that the dog’s name was Tilly, and when a sheriff’s deputy drove by, they were able to hand the dog off so that he could be reunited with his worried family.

Aside from being tired, and very thirsty, Tilly was none-the-worse for wear after his sheep-herding adventures. And his family was incredibly grateful to have him back home.

(Idaho State Police News Release photo of Tilly)

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